Bonus system
5,0% 1 line 2,0% 2 line

For all our active Investors and not only, we have developed an excellent bonus program, which aims to attract additional loyal audience for the development of our joint business.
Initially, each registered member of our program is available affiliate program "Standard" with 2 levels of remuneration 5-2, in other words, each newly arrived partner of the company will receive 5% of the Deposit personally invited people to your personal account and 2% of the Deposit of the second level referrals, ie invited colleagues from your direct partners.

How it works?
For example, you invited your friend to the company, and he made a Deposit of $100 (or 6000 rubles), for this you will receive $5 (or 300 rubles) to your personal account as a Commission bonus.
After that, your friend invited another partner to the program, who also made a Deposit of $100, for this your friend will receive $5 on his balance as an affiliate reward, and you will receive $2 for the activity of your friend. Thus your total income will be $7 (or 420 rubles)!
It is important to note that you will receive affiliate commissions even if you do not have your own active Deposit, which undoubtedly gives great prospects for earning without investments.

Bonus system
10% 1 line 1,0% 3 line 2 line 3,0% 1,0% 4 line

For active partners, i.e. for colleagues with an active Deposit, there is an opportunity to increase their status in the company with the corresponding differences in the level of earnings.
The system "Representative" provides 4 levels of bonuses 10%-3%-1%-1%.
However, to switch to this bonus system, you must meet the following conditions:
Own investments not less than $500 and also you should have 5 1st level referrals with an active Deposit not less than $100.

How to receive affiliate rewards?
Register your personal account

Simple registration procedure will provide you with all the necessary opportunities for further cooperation with the company.

Buy investment package

To get the highest level of rewards, buy the investment portfolio you have chosen, but this is not a prerequisite for obtaining partnership functions.

Use the personal link to attract new partners

Share your personal referral link with all potential partners, and make sure that your colleague is registered in the company using this link.

Become an investor
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