CPA networks (affiliate programs, pay — per-action networks) are advertising intermediary systems that offer advertisers to pay only for the targeted actions of users — purchases, registration, filling out questionnaires and so on. CPA-reduction from Cost Per Action, that is, payment for the action.

In CPA networks there are always three sides: the network itself, the publisher (webmaster, site owner) and the advertiser/advertiser that places offers — affiliate advertising offers. The network takes care of functions like for attracting advertisers, and the selection of appropriate advertising sites and the recording of clicks on the ads, pay the owners of the sites, sometimes the preparation of advertising materials, etc.

For an advertiser, everything looks simple: you need to sign a contract with the network (usually paper, offers are not enough), determine the target action, assign a fixed price or a percentage of profit or cost, download banners, replenish the budget — and you can receive customers. If you work for a long time, possible and credit schemes.

From the point of view of the webmaster, the kitchen is more complicated. It is necessary to understand the interests of your audience when choosing an offer, make customizing the site, know the subtleties of billing, because networks pay a Commission with a delay of 7 days to several months, often through exotic payment instruments. Do not always need your own resource — some craftsmen can configure the purchase of traffic from contextual and banner advertising so that the benefit of affiliate programs will be higher than the advertising budget (traffic arbitration).

Below is information about CPA networks, our partners, with whom we work closely.

Our partners

Admitad is a Network that helps webmasters and advertisers to mutually cooperate. In the catalog of more than 1569 partner offers that allow you to meet the interests of any webmaster. More than a hundred exclusive offers available only in admitad network. Especially diligent partners receive bonuses and increased rates from advertisers.

KMA.BIZ - CPA network

Own goods, its own call center, Top landing pages and pretending, own quality products, thought out to the smallest detail, professional call center with unique sales scripts, individual conditions for large volumes of traffic, quick ring-out and logistics.

Advertise.ru - this is a CPA network of partner programs created by a team of professionals. Our experience in the field of Internet marketing has allowed us to develop a unique platform that brings together the interests of webmasters and advertisers.

We care about the reputation of our company and focus on high standards of business, a systematic approach to the development of the company and the high level of professionalism of our employees. Our developments in the field of Internet marketing by CPA model will help you to achieve high results in attracting customers and monetizing your traffic.

For us you Are not just partners, you are a part of our team, and We have one way and common goals. Our skills and abilities work for you and will help you to reach unprecedented heights in the online sphere.

ad1.ru - aggregator of affiliate programs, successfully working in the market of Internet advertising since 2011. For such a long period of work ad1.ru deservedly has the status of a reliable and stable partner network. According to the partners, ad1.ru it is the most responsive and comfortable system for traffic arbitration and not only. Advertisers, in turn, receive a steady stream of conversions and high quality traffic.

For ad1.ru shoulders:
More than 180,000 partners;
More than 2 500 advertisers;
More than 3 500 successful advertising campaigns;
Hundreds of cash contests for partners;
Among the partners 8 cars were awarded: two BMW 3, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia;

Where is the elephant? - Partner network " where's the Elephant?" it is a technology platform that connects advertisers and partners.

Online stores, banks, insurance and other companies we provide the opportunity to conduct advertising campaigns on the Internet with payment for the action or for sale. Webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketing professionals get the tools to choose and place advertising offers. Besides " where's the Elephant?"ensures financial and information interaction of the parties.

Name and logo " where's the Elephant?"are a registered trademark of AdTech One Ltd.

Everad - the first and only affiliate program that works with a guarantee.

Everad guarantees the best working conditions!
Already pouring traffic on the same niche, but in other affiliate programs? Choose the most similar offer in our system and make A / b test. If the test results of our offer will bring you less profit than the same, we will compensate for the difference and pay you +50 rubles on top of each confirmed lead.

Plus, we will finalize the offer to make your income higher by default. You get money, we get feedback and convert it into even greater profits for our partners!

Wap-Сlick - is a completely new and innovative technology of mobile subscriptions!

The subscriber only needs to press one button to make a subscription. At the same time, he gets high-quality content, and debits from his account occur imperceptibly and daily!

We are not engaged in distribution of harmful applications or theft of money from the accounts of subscribers. We use legal, agreed with the operators, web services, where the user voluntarily pays for any service.

Earn with professionals over 100% of net profit per month!

Earn with professionals over 100%
net profit per month!
The benefits of working with CPA invest club

CPA invest club is a company that unites a team of young and ambitious specialists in the field of mass communications, IT – technologies, Internet marketing and traffic arbitration.

We offer the best conditions for cooperation with webmasters and private investors:

  • Wide range of payment systems

    You can withdraw your earnings on Perfect Money, Payeer, Yandex.Money, QIWI and many other EPS.

  • Work in a successful company

    Prove that you are a true professional in your field and get a permanent place in our staff!

  • Impressive dividends

    We offer our investors 9 tariff plans to choose from, among which you are sure to find exactly what you need

  • Guarantee of safety of your funds

    Many years of experience allows us to conduct up to 50 advertising campaigns at the same time, while the risk of return on investment is minimized!


    We do not charge a withdrawal fee. Share the secrets of how to earn more.


    Special approach to each of our clients.

  • Bonus program

    We give you the opportunity to earn extra money through the bonus program even without an active Deposit.

  • The BEST TOOLS for webmasters

    We give access to all our tools to all candidates who have passed the strict selection, which will allow you to earn even more!

  • Timely payment of funds

    We pay salaries to our employees and all our investors on time, without any delay!

  • Operational technical support

    both for webmasters and investors!